• Gallery of Design Ideas

    the "real work side"
    designs and copywriting by:
    B. Thomason

  • B. Thomason Graphic Design & Copywriting

    a perspective (and a philosophy) on solving problems

    There is a quote by Albert Einstein...
    "If I have 1 hour to solve a problem, I will spend the first 55 minutes defining the problem, and the last 5 minutes creating the solution."
    My work follows in the footsteps of his very sage, and wise approach: research, exploration, imagination, reflection, creation --- repeat as necessary.
    Each project that I have applied myself to has taken full advantage of this philosophy, with a thoughtful application of "creativity and outside-the-box" thinking --- it has served me well.
    Contact me. Let me bring to bear my skills and experiences for you, or your companies benefit.

    Unless noted otherwise, ALL of these examples were produced in a competitive fashion and were submitted for acceptance.

    However, any material, graphic, textual, or otherwise that is protected by copyright, trademark or patent shall remain the property of their respective owners.

    They are displayed here as a showcase for my skills, talents, and experience as a designer and writer,

    ALL of them are "for sale", with required modifications and changes.

    If you should want, or need design or copywrite work, contact me — always ready, willing & able.


    © Outshine Creative, LLC --- all rights reserved worldwide.

  • Business Essentials

    business cards, logos and letterheads

    a gallery of ideas to open the door on any project

    business card, letterhead, logo, roman soldier and crossed heads of wheat

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    business card, letterhead, logo, signage, silhouette of male and female dancers in motion

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    close-up of beautiful female eyes

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    large 3 dimensional lettering of the numeral 3 and the letter D with drop shadows

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    globe with 3 orbiting lights criss-crossing with comet tails

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    stylized text and small banner

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    2 color egg shape with wings lifted

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    partial circle with 3 star-shaped objects inside

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    sketch of building in background, foliage covering beach, silhouettes of family with kids running on beach under foliage

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    large letter C with roads branching off into distance and over hills

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    stylized shoots target behind large interlinking lettering

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    picture of phone receiver patially surrounded by circle in background, stylized text in front

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    green colored oval with smaller gold colored oval inside, 3 stylized mountain peaks inside gold oval

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    square drop of black liquid, rounded corner drop of gray liquid, droplet of pure blue water

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    soft, fluffy text inside oval, surrounded by larger oval

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    restaurant style napkin and straw caddy outfitted with small electronic screen

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    stylized and angled text over a dark rectangle

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    large vault-type numbered dial set at an angle

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    robotic arm holding serving tray with charts and graphs

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    circle with small horns over a partial circle with devils tail pointing to center

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Business Clothing, Website Header

    4 saw blades cutting into a stump at various depths in a progressive fashion

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    silhouette of man in lotus position floating about an open book surrounded by broken circles

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    silhouette of man bouncing across lettering

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    3 wisps wafting upwards with small droplets inside

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    beautiful female from the waist down with hands on hips facing away wearing a g-string

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Business Clothing

    highly stylized letter D

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    split-level lettering with graphic of person between and rising up

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    extension cord with AC plug snaking from behind lettering, star-bursts in lettering

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    metal round-corner rectangle with partial square rectangle inside, flame burning but not penetrating square rectangle

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    stylized lettering shaped like to top of an outdoor stadium with 3 flags fluttering

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    text with arrow pointing to tip of soldering iron

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    text detailing services being offered and contact information

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo

    highly stylized feminine font laced with flowers

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    stylized quill pen with lines indicating movement

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    partial overhead view of texas, louisiana, alabama, mississippi and florida southern coast, 2 light aircraft flying and banking

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    highly stylized lettering with a distorted and twisted fish hook

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    wireframe globe with smaller portion of opposing color

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    lettering with highlights and leaf floating above lettering

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    graphic of head of wise old owl with text overlayed

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    dotted line forming the shape of a piggybank with arrow pointing at text

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    sign shaped like a western belt buckle with snow cover mountain peak within

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    close-up of dogs face with stylized text and contact information

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo

    rooftop of building with saxaphone player and factories billowing smoke in the background

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    gray background with a circuit board type pattern and small boxes connected

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    hammock floating above the ground with company name on it

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    large letters M and G with electricity running through the top part and bottom part of lettering and sparking between the letter G like a sparkplug

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    company name text repeating, angled and semi-transparent in the background behind company name heading

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    big bold text of company name over the top of a silver metallic shield

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    small rough thought balloon containing the word ONE pointing into slightly larger rough thought balloon containing the word BIG pointing into a larger rough thought balloon containing the word VOICE

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    baby peaking over a partial globe of the world with lettering in front

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    key ring with company name and services offered connected to a key with the shape of a mans face as the head

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    3 steel angled arches shaped like roof supports arranged from largest to smallest so as to lend perspective

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    bold text with old-fashioned key above and the key makes up the letter M in the name

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    many small images of knives and common cutting tools along with company contact information and improvise - adapt - sharpen - overcome slogan

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo

    large text of company name coming out of box with flaps open floating in a horizontal position

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    semi-transparent image of old-fashioned popcorn bag with principle name in front and an image of the O popping out of place

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    tail end of a hornet protruding from a rounded rectangle bordered with bold text of company name

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    an american flag image shaped like a cow with company name and USDA inspection stamps on top

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    black background with smaller white oval shape angled and fading into the background with company name and small red shield over all

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    one square filled with solid color attached at the corner of another square filled with white and bold outline and company name of top of all

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    silhouette of dog leaping with two comet-shaped objects circling in an oval connected to the dogs tail like an antenna

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    big bold text of company name with a graphic image of a slashing nature across the letter N

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    bold text of company name with silhouettes of a shark and fat yeti inserted to fit-up to the lettering layout

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    bold rough text of company name with image of baby giraffe drinking from a small pool which is part of the word africa

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    blocky lettering forming company name with image of worker moving freight across the top of the lettering like a conveyor with image indicating movement

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    images of baseball, soccer ball and basketball all fading in from smaller to larger as they get closer with each surrounded with an image of a cameras view frame

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    beautiful frilled patio umbrella in background with two ribbons gently twisting across at an angle and company name over the top of all

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    lower background of green rectangle gently sloping in the middle and fading to white and company name over top with 6 gently shaped arches inside the numeral 0

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    the word TAG stacked over the word RAGS stacked over the word .COM with the first letter of each word surrounded by the shape of the @ symbol without the "a" inside

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    the company name with the word TAP in one color and the word MANDU in a different color and the letter P raised up with a small square that matches the size at the bottom as to indicate a tiny button

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    rectangular box containing company name and three individual boxes, one with an apple, one with an orange and one with a watermelon, strung together with each getting smaller in perspective over the top of the main rectangle

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    the word UNITED in one color and the word SYSTEMS in another color with the letter S hooked through the letter D and two small squares filled with white on either side of the main text with two small slashes in the corners of the squares

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    globe of the earth with sweeping banner behind and the word TRAILWAYS over the top and formed to the shape of the banner

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    large letter T sloping right touching a large letter W sloping left and an arrow formed where they intersect with small universal recyclers symbol

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    large letter Z connected to the outer middle edge of large letter G with graphic of lion behind main text and lions tail sweeping in front of letter Z along with services offered text

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    blue sky in background with two small seagulls flying and beautiful and calm ocean split down the middle by bright sunshine off the water

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo, Signage,

    Website Header

    top of styrofoam coffee cup with small tornado-like graphic lifting and partially covering a globe of the earth

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

    license plate with company name and location along with small graphic of plate of food and small image of man playing saxaphone over orange, sun-like circle

    Business Card, Letterhead, Logo,

    Website Header

  • Business Additions

    billboards, clothing and signage

    a gallery of ideas to increase the reach of any project

    sweeping curving banner highlighting a large serving bowl of shrimp cocktail and company location, hours and slogan

    Billboard, Signage, Website Header

    large graphic of shark snarling with compound bow and company contact information

    Business Clothing, Signage, Website Header

    highly stylized main text over the top of graphic of derrick with a blowout and company contact and location

    Billboard, Signage

    background consisting of semi-transparent blue and light blue snowflakes of different sizes and graphic of cartoon man holding big utility bill with giant screw through the middle of him along with company contact and list of services text

    Billboard, Signage

    large slightly feminine font of business name partly encircled by two halves of an oval

    Billboard, Signage, Website Header

    quarter circle of geometric shapes with the outlines of the faces of 3 people facing left above the main text and a quarter circle of geometric shapes with the outlines of the faces of 3 people facing right below main text

    Business Clothing, Signage, Event Promotion

    small partial graphic of capitol dome between the two parts of the main text

    Business Clothing, Signage, Website Header

    cute photo of two small children with christmas tree in front of burning fireplace along with company services offered and contact text

    Billboard, Signage

    stylized main text above a group of concentric circles colliding with a slightly small group of concentric circles so as to indicate a collision

    Billboard, Signage, Website Header

    main text and slogan with silhouette of large butchers knife behind along with slogan

    Business Clothing, Signage, Website Header

    panel on left with cartoon man and woman looking at old AC unit, panel in middle with cartoon man and woman deciding if AC is dead, giant thermometer showing extreme heat, panel on right is cartoon man and woman agreeing to get new AC along with company services and contact text

    Billboard, Signage

    highly stylized horses head inside circle with company name and location over the top

    Billboard, Signage, Website Header

    black and white graphic image of customized motorcycle over the top of a beautiful womans face inside a fading circle looking down at the motorcycle

    Business Clothing, Signage, Website Header

    image of a pumpkin carved with a scary face and lit for effect along with company services and contact text over semi-transparent images of leaves falling

    Billboard, Signage

    image of Betty Boop sitting on the ground by her motorcycle with gas can and thumbing for a ride in front of a billboard printed with the main text

    Billboard, Signage, Website Header

  • Events & Organization Promotion

    promotional designs, emblems and signage

    a gallery of ideas to advocate and publicize any project

    3d map of Australia with round hole in center and giant hand holding square peg hovering over along with main text and location text

    Event / Organization Promotion, Signage

    ambulance star with medical Caduceus in the middle and wings on either side along with main text

    Organization Promotion, Signage,

    Website Header

    outline of the state of Florida and graphic of a heart symbol that is half behind and half in front of the state

    Organization Promotion, Signage,

    Website Header

    image of washtub and American flag and man with golf club and ball is walking and about to step on a pile of cow poop

    Event Promotion, Signage

    silhouette of two people in canoe paddling down the river with main title text over the image

    Event Promotion, Signage

    silhouette of soldier standing in the middle of a crossroads with the path forward fading from dark to light

    Organization Promotion, Signage,

    Website Header

    banner of semi-transparent playing card symbols behind silhouette of Australia and giant image of spades fitted closely to southern coastline along with angled main title text

    Event Promotion, Signage

  • Business Supplementals

    shop / restaurant menus, product packaging and customer gifts

    a gallery of ideas to help your products or brand stand-out from the crowd

    bic lighter case wrap with silhouette of elegant lady in long gown smoking with a cigarette holder and wearing showy hat

    Packaging, Gift Items

    large serif font N next to large sans serif font U with smaller serif font above the N and the last letter of CLUB inside the extended left side of the U

    Shop / Restaurant Menu, Business Card, Signage, Website Header

    a fancy font of the numeral 2 and the word WORLD set slightly below and to the right of the 2, and a semi-transparent numeral 2 upside down under the upright 2 with the area between filled with swirls that join the lettering

    Packaging, Brand Labelling, Signage,

    Website Header

    a variety of bic lighter case wraps with custom lettering font and skeleton riding motorcycle, skulls with burning backgrounds, skeleton hand flipping the bird, eagle flying with American flag along with services offered and contact and location text

    Packaging, Gift Items

    front side of small restaurant menu with company name in a large lower case font and drop shadow along with location, menu items and pricing enclosed in drop shadow style rounded rectangles

    Shop / Restaurant Menu, Business Card, Signage

    large fancy font of the word ALASKA with horizontal part of the A's joined with an arch and the LASK curved upward to match along with a variety of many small snowflakes under and around the text, the words ICE CREAM is filled with a color change fade

    Packaging, Brand Labelling, Signage,

    Website Header

    cover page of menu for a large restaurant with backgrounds featuring old windmill, faded images of a cattle drive and image of cowboy hat and lariet along with large company logo and location detals and appetizer catagory title with items details and prices

    Shop / Restaurant Menu, Business Card, Signage

    2nd page of menu for a large restaurant with arching category titles for salads, sandwiches and baskets along with faded image of old west chuckwagon on a cattle drive and item descriptions and prices

    Shop / Restaurant Menu

    3rd page of menu for a large restaurant with arching category titles for main entrees, catch-of-the-day, steak additions and side items along with faded images of 3 cowboys on horses with sun setting behind, cook feeding cowboys from chuckwagon and image of steaks on the grill, image of steak cooking preferences, along with item descriptions and prices

    Shop / Restaurant Menu

    4th page of menu for a large restaurant with arching category titles for kids meals, desserts, soft drinks and alocoholic beverages along with images of a merange covered pie, soft drink icons, various silhouettes of bottles and containers from the bar, along with item descriptions and prices

    Shop / Restaurant Menu

    a variety of bic lighter case wraps with custom lettering font and skulls, eagle flying with American flag, company logos and titling along with services offered and contact and location text

    Packaging, Gift Items

    main title is a free flowing and curvy font with images of flowers over text and a fade-out oval behind along with products offered

    Packaging, Brand Labelling, Signage,

    Website Header

    rounded rectangle with company name inside along with small graphic image of overhead view of coffee cup on a background of a circle fading from white to black

    Shop / Restaurant Menu, Business Card, Signage, Website Header

    small image of chef inside a distorted and squeezed circle with small banner underneath, large banner circling underneath becoming smaller as it curves back on itself along with product name and details on top with a group of wheat heads on either side

    Packaging, Brand Labelling

  • Electronic and Print Media Elements

    book and magazine covers, web / phone icons and website designs

    a gallery of ideas to help reach out in different formats

    magazine cover with large font for 2013 sloping upwards from left to right casting a slight shadow forward along with block font for BOOK OF LISTS text emanating from the center of the numeral 0 toward the viewer all over a background of a circle fading from light to dark outward

    Magazine / Book Cover

    square icon with rounded corners with main text and title within along with playing card symbols between each letter of the word DEALS all on a background of green felt

    Web Icon / Screen Button, Website Header

    playful little lady bug moving around and across the page and leaving a dashed line of its path along with various choices viewers might make to explore the site further

    Website, Web Landing Page

    hard hat sticker made up of oval with bold border consisting of red plate steel bolted to diamond-t plate steel along with large letter W and the main text message

    Hard Hat Sticker, Signage, Website Header

    front page of a newsletter for communicating with members of an organization along with a message from officers and / or leaders and a mention of new in-coming officers / leaders

    Newsletter, Communications,

    Customer Outreach, Employee Engagement,

    Membership Contact

    background image consisting of badlands in various shades of grey fading out with each successive lay of the land along with image of pumping unit with down hole connecting rods cutting thru the center of the letter O and lining up with the letter D

    Magazine / Book Cover, Website Header

    rounded corner square icon with a partial image of a globe made up of swirls along with large letter P connected to globe with printed circuit-type connections and company name below

    Web Icon / Screen Button, Website Header

    square icon with a image of a oilwell pumping unit partially covered by three small images of paperwork/reports overlapping each other along with product name

    Web Icon / Screen Button, Business Card, Letterhead, Business Logo, Signage, Product Packaging, Website Header

    website header consisting of a fading dark grey background from left to right along with timeline-like design depicting various major life events including birth, graduation, marriage, first child, first home, family, etc.

    Website Header, Signage

    front and back of rack card featuring specialized copywriting of company mission statement, research undertaken, customer service approach, services pricelist, specialty services and contact information

    Rack Card, Customer Communications

    large postcard direct mail advertisement featuring specialized copywritten message, brand logo along with company location, services offered and contact information

    Large Postcard, Direct Mail Advertising

  • Back-of-the-House Blueprints and Diagrams

    essential aids in designing, assembling and using mechanical devices

    a gallery of ideas to help guide product design, implementation and customer interaction

    mechanical drawing of a portion of a machine with detailed dimensional data, general assembly requirements and mechanical components

    Blueprints, Mechanical Drawings

    mechanical drawing of a machine / device layout with major components called out and labelled along with general reference to operation and setup

    Mechanical Drawings, Device Diagram, Major Component Layout

    mechanical drawing and usage / assembly instructions for a specialized ductwork sheetmetal fitting

    Mechanical Drawings, Installation Guides, Assembly Instructions

    mechanical drawing and/or sell-sheet of a specialized mechanical component useful in a variety of trade-crafts depicting the construction and finished assembly along with benefits gained from its usage

    Mechanical Drawings, Sell Sheets

    diagrammatic drawing of specialized fitting installation along with step-by-step drawings of mounting and finishing and a larger image of the specialized fitting as built

    Installation Diagram, Instructional Drawing

  • Copywriting Projects

    parts, portions and examples of various undertakings

    Entertainment Business - Top Sheet Proposal Summary


    It is my intention to form a legal business entity engaged in the live entertainment field, and the production and promotion of such events, at the local and regional level.


    As I have researched and explored the nature of the entertainment business, I discovered a significant portion of the potential was continually being overlooked, or poorly addressed by others in the same field. As such, it is my intention to fill this "gap" and take full advantage of this oversight by competitors — profitably positioning this company in a niche market.


    Though the "legal structure" of this business is not yet finalized, a great number of advantages have surfaced that will give this venture a significant edge over its competitors. These will play strongly into the profitability side of a start-up venture such as this and should prove to be outstanding in the near-term and future success of this endeavor.


    It should be noted that the research is "on going" — inquiring, examining and exploring the ever changing landscape of the entertainment and promotions business. It was my initial research which revealed this potential market, and it is highly probable my continued efforts will uncover other potential benefits, as well as a more in-depth understanding of the business as a whole.


    I have omitted a great number of "operational" details due, in part, to the sensitive, and possibly damaging nature such information might cause as I pursue this potential business.


    With a clearly defined vision of the "niche" I have discovered, a compelling number of business advantages at hand, and a belief that others, as well as my business, will profit monetarily, and materially, I shall continue to pursue it with enthusiasm.


    Thank you for your attention. This concludes my Proposal.

    Craft Store/Marketplace - Website Landing Page Intro


    What We Do At ABC Crafts


    We've created a marketplace. The kind of place where visitors can "rediscover" one of America's most overlooked treasures — the delightful world of artisan and handcrafted foods and beverages.


    By engaging the inestimable skills and talents from countless small businesses, we've created a gathering place where people can share their experiences, enjoy the fruits of an almost forgotten tradition, and indulge their desires for wholesome, delicious food and drink.


    True to their nature, many of our vendors and purveyors create their culinary masterworks in short run batches, adhering to the time-honored, craftsmanship that sets them apart, so visit the marketplace often, to share in these wonderful, but fleeting creations.


    As a focal point and marketplace for small businesses, we welcome with open arms any and all suggestions to add to our variety and distinctiveness.


    Contact us. Tell us about the amazing product your "small-town-America" has going for it. We'd love to hear from you.

    Foster Care Non-Profit Organization - Intro and Mission Statement


    The foster care system in the United States is one of the most well-intentioned, and profoundly committed efforts ever enacted by our leaders. With its roots firmly planted in the early 1900's, it has undergone many changes to reflect the needs, and concerns of an ever-changing ethnic population.


    But, despite substantial efforts at all levels of government, our foster care system has largely failed those it sought to help, with more than 500,000 children in the foster care system at any given moment. And, as the system has grown ever more over-crowded and unsustainable, even less can be accomplished for the most vulnerable — infants, minorities, abuse victims, serial placements, and sibling separations.


    Our mission at ABC (Non-Profit Organization for Children) is to challenge this failing of the foster care system by orchestrating a transformational change. The kind of change that keeps children from "falling through the cracks". The kind of change that promotes child development opportunities. The kind of change where our sustained "national presence" can engage and unite like-minded organizations to support and assist those "left behind" by the system.


    We accept this challenge without accusation or condemnation of our current system — theirs' is an impossible job, under impossible circumstances — but we want to help. ABC is committed to identifying the best ways and means to change the foster care system through positive action. By collaborating with other organizations, teaming up with others of similar intent, and by fostering awareness for our cause, we can effect a fundamental change to the current mind-set.


    ABC believes the foster care system MUST change. Through united effort, a strong focus, and an overpowering belief, we can, and will change it for the betterment of Americas' foster children.

    Logistics Management Company - Website End-to-End Copy


    About Us


    At Freight ABC, our goal is simple: To provide world-class supply chain management services to meet our clients' every need by creating efficiencies and reducing costs.


    To accomplish this goal, we have assembled a team of passionate and dedicated professionals, developed strong border-to-border carrier partnerships, and embraced the latest in technological advancements in the logistics management industry.


    With expert-level experience, and a passion for innovation, we can meet or exceed our clients' every need for reliable shipping and logistic needs to all destinations in the US and Canada. Whether its dry goods, fresh produce, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, heavy-haul requirements, or any other specialized needs your freight demands.


    Freight ABC can be your first line of defense against unpredictable and rising costs, inconsistent and unpredictable results, quality shortfalls, and many other headaches that can affect your bottom line. By creatively thinking "outside of the box," we can provide alternatives, and unique solutions to get your shipments to their destination.


    Contact us. Let us show you why our company motto is "Think Ahead. Move Forward."


    3PL Solutions


    - Cross Border Shipments

    We are experts at managing and expediting cross border commercial freight shipments. With an eye to our clients' needs, and our strong carrier partnerships, we can move your products to their destination with speed, accuracy and efficiency. And, with our Ocean Freight Division and intermodal services, we can identify and implement the most cost-effective method to move your freight — sea, road, or rail — or any combination that's required, expanding our clients' options to reach new markets anywhere in the world.


    - USA & Canada (all points)

    Our network of carriers means we can move your goods from all points in the US and Canada — and we do mean "all points". Fast, efficient, comprehensive coverage, border-to-border, means your shipping nightmares are over, and your budget stays in line. And, by employing technological advances like electronic data interchange (EDI), service accuracy is assured, from pick-up to final destination. Clients save time by optimizing the exchange of data, and they save money by eliminating costly data entry and transcription errors.


    - Dry, Fresh & Frozen Freight

    Our expertise and experience cover the full range of freight types, and requirements — dry goods, fresh and frozen products, and any other "specialized" shipment needs you require. One of our many specialties is moving temperature sensitive freight into large chains, such as Walmart, Kroger, and Publix. Our expertise, and strong alliances with cold-storage facilities and carriers across both the US and Canada, means we can meet the strictest requirements for temperature control and time-sensitive appointment and delivery schedules. Our innovative and adaptable approach, backed with years of time-tested experience, means we can move freight of any type to meet our clients' toughest, most demanding requirements.


    - Pre-scheduled Shipments

    We offer pre-scheduled shipments to move your freight off your docks in a timely, efficient fashion. Pre-scheduling is the easy answer to your shipping needs — your goods move quickly and efficiently with no added effort or worry. And, with our Annual Pre-scheduling Contracts, clients can lock in shipping rates and avoid the week-to-week, or seasonal price fluctuations that can wreak havoc with shipping budgets.


    - Expedited/Exclusive Service

    We can handle your time-sensitive shipments with ease. Our extensive network of reliable carriers makes it possible for us to ship your goods and have them arrive on schedule, every time. Our innovate and adaptable approach allows our clients' expedited shipments to avoid LTL rates by creating "single customer" or "prioritized delivery" milk runs at a lower cost. This method increases service reliability, lowers or eliminates damage liability, and yields higher value for our clients, as well as peace-of-mind.


    - Appointment Scheduling

    Scheduling your freight pickup can be a real headache — locating and arranging a carrier that matches your requirements, finding a carrier that matches your time frame, and getting reliable service can be time consuming, frustrating, and costly. With "one" phone call, we can manage the entire affair for you — meeting strict receiver timetables, ensuring timely receiver offloading, and many other variables — reliably moving your freight on time, while keeping your costs in-line.


    - Route Optimization

    Simply stated, route optimization is getting your goods from point A, to point B, as quickly and efficiently as possible, with an eagles' eye to your bottom line. We are experts at eliminating unnecessary, and costly steps in getting your freight to its final destination. We can "optimize" your shipping routes, giving clients the opportunity to maximize savings, and minimize risk. To accomplish this, we look at, and take into account, dozens of variables that can drag down and negatively affect your shipping efficiency, such as the physical street and highway networks and impediments, equipment requirements, capacities and capabilities, assigning orders to trucks to optimize stop sequences, measuring actual miles traveled to stops made on the route, adhering to, and balancing your business requirements with routing productivity, and many, many more. Our rigorous optimization is the key to increased productivity, better account service, and getting the most out of your shipping budget.


    - Efficiency Control

    Efficiency is of paramount importance if you are to squeeze every last nickel out of your logistics budget. Our expert-level shipping specialists can identify bottlenecks, overlapping tasks, and shortfalls in continuity, to help identify and eliminate costly and time-consuming processes — streamlining your shipping, from dock to destination.


    - Custom Solutions

    Our innovative custom solutions for your tricky and complex logistics are a real specialty of ours. Everything from organizing elaborate, cross-country, multi-drop shipments, to handling freight with any number of rigorous and demanding requirements, we can answer with a customized solution for your most demanding jobs. Let's discuss your current needs and long-term business goals and objectives. By understanding your current and future needs we are confident we can answer with a customized solution for your shipping requirements.


    - Service Level Agreements

    Our service level agreements allow our clients to lock-in shipping rates across a specific period of time, thereby insulating them from unforeseen and unpredictable fluctuations in the marketplace. Higher quality of service standards also apply, adding even more value, when these agreements are in place. We can respond to you’re annual Service RFQ or, create a custom solution and pricing for your current needs. As a starting point, let us quote an annual Service Agreement against what you're paying now. Finding solutions has never been easier, and we're confident we can save you money and add value to your operation.


    - Experienced Personnel

    Our staff of highly trained professionals include experts in cross-border, cross-country, and regional shipping specialists. And, our dedicated teams possess in-depth knowledge of the capabilities and resources of our network of carrier partners, insuring the best possible match, and level of service to meet our clients' needs.


    - Reliable Carrier Partners

    Our continued success in this business can be summed up in one word — reliability. Our network of carrier partners are among the strongest, most reliable in the industry — bar none. With a vast array of resources such as specialized equipment, terminals, shipping hubs, cold-storage facilities, warehouses, and established working relationships, comes the reliability clients' can count on to move their goods.


    - Competitive Rates

    Moving your freight is much more than just "getting it done." We add value to your operation by aggressively competing for your business — with rates to match. This gives our clients' an edge in the marketplace, and the best possible chance to stem rising costs. We understand that price is not always "everything" — quality of service is often more important than a "low price". Our close attention to detail, and effective communication with all parties involved allows us to carefully "balance" your shipping rates and quality of service goals. This approach adds "value" to your operation — saving you money and maintaining your competitive edge, without sacrificing service.


    - Guaranteed Results

    Guarantees are only as good as the company that makes them. The results we have achieved for our clients are well documented, and come from the hard work we put into every account — that's why we guarantee it. Whether it's better reliability, lower costs, higher efficiency, better service, or all of the above, we'll get it done — guaranteed. Give us the chance to prove ourselves and we'll show you how we can add peace of mind to your organization as a value added partner.


    - Proven ROI

    Clients come to us with their problems, questions, and issues. They stay with us because we deliver — consistently. We have a proven track record of consistent "return" on our clients' investment — because we never stop looking for ways to make things better, faster, and less expensive. Talk is cheap. Give us a chance to prove ourselves, we promise you won't be disappointed.


    - Cost Analysis

    A thorough, and in-depth analysis of your current costs and practices is the key to finding and eliminating inefficiencies, under-performing methods, and costly wasted effort. Our cost analysis will track down and root out these details for you, and shed some light on ways to improve your bottom line across the board.


    - Contact Us

    Don't hesitate to contact us… we are honest and friendly. We won't badger you or inconvenience you with random calls. Contact us with your questions, concerns, and issues and get straight forward answers. Let us show you a different kind of 3PL company — one that is actually on your side. We won't treat you like another number, we'll show you what a professional logistics management company can accomplish for you, and your business.

    Information Technology Firm - 3 Minute Sales Pitch


    Information technology is the very backbone of business in today's world.


    The ability to quickly share ideas and information has led to remarkable strides in productivity, efficiency and effective management.


    But... things change. New markets are opened. New products are created and released. Infrastructure is reorganized. Better technology is designed. And... people come and go.


    Still... change is "all-important", ESPECIALLY in a lackluster economy–it's what sets one company apart from another. Positive change can spark innovation, creativity, and imaginative thinking. Information technology can be the life blood for "change", or it can be a burden, suffocating and smothering ideas that can allow your company to survive, compete, and grow.


    Weathering change, and helping companies just like yours, is what ABC Network Solutions can provide. We specialize in "managing change" — in-house, nationwide or globally. IT management is a "technical challenge", to be sure — hardware, software, installation, training, and much more — can be daunting tasks. But ESPECIALLY when it drags down a busy IT Department or staff that's doing their best to conduct ordinary, day-to-day business.


    We offer a "huge array" of IT services, the expertise to back it up, and can keep your people doing what they do BEST — running your companies' business.


    If you have immediate needs, we will gladly discuss potential solutions — in concept, or in detail, if you desire. If your future plans are still on the "drawing board", we can offer our services in a consulting or advisor role as a future business partner.


    I've brought along a brochure with a complete list of our services — a handy "quick reference" for your convenience. {hoping you have something like this! --- message to principles}


    As we all know, change is inevitable — manage it with a "certified expert" by your side every step of the way. ABC Network Solutions is ready to serve your needs — today, tomorrow and in the future.


    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to our future — together.

    Blog Posts - Small Sampling of Various Subjects


    The written word: one method employed in an attempt to communicate with others. Successful communication boils down to juggling 10,000 variables and distilling them down to an essential few — as much alchemy as skill.


    In the same way that no doctor in the world can answer every question, or cure every disease, there isn't a writer who can claim all their patients came away satisfied — again, as much alchemy as skill.


    Writing is chronically misunderstood (pun intended). A skill, craft, or practice that, despite its common usage, is often referred to as, "something that anyone can do."


    I believe, with all the respect I can muster, that writing well is as common as cars with "wing windows" --- both things are around. But you have to look high and low to find them and stand a little in awe at what you are witness to.



    I have been friends with many alcoholics in my life. Because I drink as well, I just seemed to have crossed paths with many of them. I guess it's the "birds of a feather" sort of thing. You know what I'm talking about. You're drawn together because of a mutual past-time — a shared interest that you both indulge in and enjoy. So, I've known lots of them, and I've had the chance to observe, talk to, and yes, compare their addiction and abuse to what I see in my own life.


    What I discovered over a great period of time, and thru introspection, was that I was "at least" as abusive and addicted to alcohol as they were. Initially, the only difference (I thought) was, they were OUT of control, and I was IN control. Watching them, and interacting with them, when they would make fools of themselves was comical, entertaining, and sometimes a bit tragic, but ME, by comparison, would never act or behave that way — ever. So therefore, I'M "NOT" AN ALCOHOLIC. I'm to "smart" to be an alcoholic. I'm to "caring and concerned" to be an alcoholic. I'm to "in control" to be an alcoholic.


    You know what? I "am" all those things, but I am ALSO an alcoholic.


    And over the years, I had "found" a way to rationalize the entire thought of "being" one. So strong was my belief that I was NOT an alcoholic, so strong was my aversion to BEING an alcoholic, that I became one. Or, as they say, I realized that I was one because I couldn't stop asking myself this question...




    If a person doesn't have a firm grasp of reality, how can they manifest or achieve intuition?


    Intuition is sometimes the only way to deal with what confronts us – confounds us.


    The powers of thought and reasoning serve many people well and decision-making is, most often, arrived at by bringing these powers to bear. Some people cannot do this. Yet... I would be less than honest if I did not freely admit I have seen it done. Many times, in fact. People making important decisions with far-reaching consequences, not just for themselves, but for others. Decisions that will directly or indirectly affect the lives of tens of thousands, and perhaps more. Decisions that, try as you may to unravel the thought process whereby they arrived at their conclusion, bear no resemblance to "a firm grasp of reality". So, if we throw out the tools most people use in decision making – thought, reasoning, logic – what's left?


    Emotion. Perhaps the ONLY way to reach a decision when one does not have a full grasp of reality.


    When decisions are arrived at through an emotional approach, with a "If it feels wrong, it can't be right." mentality, there can be no understanding of what took place to reach such decisions. Why? Because there is nothing to understand – there was no conscious thought process, no balancing act of reasoning, no study or research to apply logic – nothing. Decisions reached in this manner are "emotionally based", with little to no thought or effort to back them up --- a madman's approach.


    I believe that TRUE intuition is the result of having a firm grasp and understanding of an issue IN THE FIRST PLACE.


    Intuition... TRUE INTUITION, is not the application of emotion, but one of creative insight brought to life by knowing and accepting the realities behind the issue at hand to begin with.


    Madmen CANNOT achieve true intuition. They are unwilling, or unable to accept, acknowledge, or grasp the realities involved --- without which there can be no keen, gifted insight or perception required for intuition.


    A fair number of our leaders and public figures are clearly afflicted in this way --- decision-making via "emotionalism" --- basing their choices on what people want to hear, rather than the realities we all must bear.

    IT / Communications Tech Company - Website End-to-End Copy


    - Home Page

    ABC Technologies is a full-service communications technologies consulting firm based in New York City. We specialize in small to medium-sized businesses and provide state-of-the-art solutions for telecommunications and networking needs.


    ABC Technologies is able to offer custom-designed assessments of clients’ needs in areas as diverse as telephone systems, IT networks, Wi-Fi, voice-data cabling and wireless services. As communications technologies explode in capacity and implode in size, ABC helps companies achieve and manage optimal telecommunications services and networking.


    The company numbers among its clients a variety of businesses, from real estate firms to investment banks to not-for-profit organizations to general contractors. This ability to meet the needs of any type of business reflects ABC's range and reach while offering its clients specifically tailored services.

    - Products and Services Page(s)



    A revolution in telephone system technology is underway. The "traditional" phone system technology - which has been used since the 1960s - is being phased out, and the new technology is Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP. Your phone system, much like a teenager, is now firmly tied to the internet.


    VOIP technology offers a vast array of features unavailable in a traditional system. If you have multiple office locations, you can support all your phones off of one system. You can also merge your telecommunications department with your IT department. You can move phones by simply unplugging them from one location and plugging them into another - as long as there is an internet connection. These solutions work whether you are moving from one side of the office to other or if you are moving from the New York office to the London office.


    VOIP has bells and whistles you’ve never dreamed of, but of course you pay more for it. That being said, there is still a place for traditional systems. If you have a simple, one-office business with a few phones, a traditional phone system will probably be a better fit for your needs and budget. However, the great thing is that most manufacturers are now pre-configuring their non-VOIP systems to be upgradeable to VOIP. This allows you the flexibility to integrate VOIP into your system when the time is right.


    Back when the principals of ABC were in college anything to do with computers and networks was covered under the banner of Management Information Systems. Now these exact same things have a new name - Information Technology or IT.


    IT is the lifeblood of most businesses in the modern world. All of your key departments - manufacturing, sales, operations, accounting, HR and marketing - need a stellar IT system in order to perform at their peak.


    That’s where ABC Technologies come in. We will make a careful evaluation of the way your company operates, then design and install an IT system that will help maximize your business’ performance.


    Technological strides have made Video Conferencing Systems indispensable in this modern age of global commerce.


    Impressive travel cost reduction, instantaneous face-to-face collaboration, and the simultaneous light-speed assemblage of people from different continents, countries and boardrooms, are just a few of the advantages of a modern A/V system.


    ABC Technologies can provide solutions to meet, and exceed these efficiencies by designing, installing and maintaining these systems to your requirements.

    --- SECURITY

    Security has become a "priority" in our modern world.


    For businesses that are not prepared, it can be devastating, costly and debilitating.


    ABC Technologies will carefully evaluate and discuss your security goals to provide solutions, including such things as door entry logging, video surveillance systems, and high-tech iris scanning identity systems, as well as sensitive data management.


    By providing a comprehensive solution set, ABC Technologies can help you "prepare for the worst", but "expect the best".


    One of the most VITAL aspects of your communications / IT network, cabling is quite often casually ranked as "dull, boring, and of little concern".


    But, like the human "circulatory system", cabling allows all the other parts of the "body" to work together as a "whole" — seamlessly, transparently, and efficiently.


    At ABC Technologies, we understand the "essential role" cabling plays in the design, installation and "health" of a communications / IT network. With careful and thorough evaluation, assessment and planning, your cabling system will meet and/or exceed your present needs and goals — from your fully automated shop floor data collection system to your shared office print/FAX/copy machine.


    This may come as a shock to some, but phone companies make mistakes on their bills - all the time! How do we know this? Here at ABC, we have worked with some of the biggest phone carriers, and some of the smallest, in the world. In many cases the bills are just plain wrong, or you’ll get charges that aren’t even yours!


    Most companies lack the knowledge of what to look for on their phone bills each month --- they also lack the time. We have both, and in fact actually like doing it for our clients.


    ABC's auditing program consists of a free evaluation of your current calling plan, service history and overall networking needs. Our team of audit technicians comb through these reports searching for billing and service discrepancies. Often this service results in substantial savings for our clients.


    Automated incoming call systems can be a "headache" for customers, and a literal "snake-pit" for Service Managers.


    The oh-so-familiar... "Our next available customer service representative will be with you shortly," has become the epitome of how business operates — a high-wire act of balancing "company needs" with "customer satisfaction".


    At ABC Technologies we are experts at evaluating, designing and implementing the Circuit Management system that best suits your needs. By carefully studying your call-load, usage patterns, and response times, we'll deliver a solution that covers-the-bases — best carrier, best service plan, and the appropriate number of circuits.


    Let us help you meet the challenge and deliver the "balance" you need --- great performance at the most reasonable cost possible.


    Maintenance agreements, or contracts, are good for 3 reasons:


    1) Getting a good nights' sleep
    2) Not having to worry about getting a good nights' sleep
    3) Confidence that it WON'T be your network if you don't get a good nights' sleep


    A bit simplistic, but accurate in so many ways.


    Maintenance agreements guarantee response time, and system-level replacement — the "critical care" that can save both your business, and your bottom line.


    At ABC Technologies our Maintenance Agreements are a contractual obligation — "critical care" within 4 hours of a major system outage, or failure, and equipment replacement, or repair as needed — our highest level of service.


    We realize this degree of protection can be costly, but service is VERY important to us. In fact, it's one of the ways we distinguish ourselves from others in the field. Whether you opt-in, or out, we will always level our best effort in any emergency situation.


    Service — important to us because it's vital for the success of your business.

    Acupuncture Clinic - Website Copy


    --- TCM Introduction


    For nearly three decades, my parents helped thousands of people recover from an enormous number of ailments using traditional Chinese remedies. In the early days, there were only a handful of patients who came to see them, but since then, there have been thousands.


    At first, I thought the advancement of medical technology in America would make Chinese medicine obsolete. Quite the opposite happened. We have become wildly dependent on drugs and surgery.


    Western medicine offers little more than a "pop-a-pill" approach, or costly invasive surgical procedures as an answer to disease and ailment. ABC Clinic offers a better way to treat disease and illness — natural, organic.


    For the last three decades, we have provided the same quality products and services at our location in Chicago’s Chinatown. It is our mission to strive for higher quality health restoration at the most reasonable prices while also keeping up-to-date knowledge of the fundamental science of applying natural healing.


    Currently, TCM practitioners treat a myriad of diseases from commonly seen ailments to rare & complex chronic conditions to even lethal and contagious epidemic diseases such as SARS and bird-flu. Let us put over 4,000 years of method and refinement to work for you and relieve your suffering.


    --- What It Is and How It Works


    Many different ailments and diseases can cause the body pain.


    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), can provide the relief so desperately sought by those who suffer by working "with" your body to restore "balance" to the Qi (chi) and blood. Allowing your body to repair itself — naturally — without the long-term drug use, or the invasive surgical procedures employed by western medicine. Through a variety of modalities TCM helps "guide" your body to do what it does best — heal from within — relieving the pain and suffering experienced from many ailments.

    Let us provide a "natural" way to relieve your pain and suffering with the time-tested methods of TCM.


    --- Ailments That Can Be Treated with TCM


    Just some of the ailments that can be treated with TCM


    arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, lower-back & knee pain, migraine, rheumatism

    injuries, & tennis elbow

    depression, insomnia, mental disorders, stress, and schizophrenia

    dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis

    poor circulation, hypertension, and heart disease

    Bell’s palsy, nerve degenerative diseases and strokes

    amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menoxenia (irregular period), menopause and uterine prolapse

    impotency and prostatitis

    asthma, bronchitis, common cold, pulmonary infection

    Allergies, chronic fatigue and low immunity

    cataracts, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, myopia (near-sighted), night vision, and styes

    infection, deafness, & tinnitus

    hay fever and sinus infection
    lumbar disc herniation & spinal inflammation
    stomachache, traumatic injuries, such as car accidents & falls
    toothache, eye pain, & earache.
    body & joint stiffness due to poor circulation

    panic attack, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, & emotional breakdown.
    kidney deficiency, liver toxin, stomach ulcer, lung diseases, heart diseases
    cold flu & sinus, fatigue & somnolent, irritability, hemorrhoids, diarrhea & constipation
    after cancer & any kind of surgical care


    --- TCM Treatment Methods


    In spite of all the “crude and primitive” healing methods used by my father, more and more people were coming to him for relief of pains and ailments. You name it, and he would come up with something to help resolve their problem. As long as I can remember, he never advertised at all. Nevertheless, people knew all about him. It’s because people got results from Chinese medicine. People continued to bring their families and friends to see my father. My father has been retired for over ten years now, but his legend still continues. He ‘‘healed the incurable’’ in both the Chinese and American communities.


    Through a variety of modalities or methods, TCM helps restore "balance" to your body and allow it to heal from within.


    Acupuncture ---

    Helps the body heal itself by restoring balance to the Qi (chi) and blood. In turn, the body repairs the functions of its organs and tissues. Acupuncture helps guide the body to repair organ systems such as the nervous system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, circulatory system, respiratory system, and digestive system. It even benefits your emotional wellbeing as well as your eyes, skin, and hair.


    Acupuncture is one of many modalities in Chinese medicine for effectively treating disease and is also one of the safest & least invasive treatments for the body. The healing begins from the moment you set your mind to fight off a pathogen, adequate rest and sufficient nutrition to strengthen the immune system and to resist future pathogens.


    Guasha ---
    Whenever I got sick as a child, my father would use a ceramic spoon and scrape it on the surface of my back. It would produce marks that looked like bruises. In the past, American people thought children were being abused. Today, however, many people are doing Guasha at home because it is one of the most effective ways for relieving the common cold quickly.


    Cupping ---
    Another common method of treating disease is called Cupping. It is a combination of using heat and cups. We use heat to create a vacuum in the cup and place it on your skin. The cup sucks up the flesh and may produce marks that look like bruises but are not.


    Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This may relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair. It may also help form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue.


    Tuina ---

    The philosophy and principles of tuina massage are based on traditional Chinese medicine, which focuses on emotional and physical components of a person’s well-being, as well as aspects such as climate, relationships, and diet.


    The goal of tuina massage is to create harmony in the yin and yang of the body by getting rid of blockages and disturbances that manifest as illness, disease, and emotional issues.


    Similar to acupuncture, tuina massage uses the same energetic meridians and acupoints to balance the qi and blood in your body, leading to better health. Qi that’s flowing incorrectly can cause blockages, such as poor blood circulation in the affected area.


    Herbal Treatments ---

    A great variety of less painful diseases and ailments can be successfully treated using another well-known method of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) — Herbal Treatments.


    It should be noted that Herbal Treatments can also be used for pain, in the same way, or in conjunction with Acupuncture, under the direction of a master practitioner.


    Herbal Treatments are used to "balance" your bodies' organs and systems, strengthening and supporting your bodies' ability to "heal from within".


    A completely "natural" approach to relief, Herbal Treatments supply your body with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are very often lacking in modern-day diets. Herbal Treatments can also be used to help your body expel the unnatural buildup of disease-causing toxins and wastes — dragging your body down into an "unbalanced" condition.

    Nutrition, Exercise, and Meditation ---

    Used in conjunction with other TCM modalities to further enhance health and wellbeing.


    Healthy nutrition, adequate exercise and quieting meditation can help restore any "in-balances" in your body, increasing and enhancing the effectiveness of other treatments. Under the guidance of a Master Practitioner, they can support, calm and focus your body to heal from within --- naturally.

    Information Technology Firm - Website Intro Piece


    --- Introduction


    A lighthearted play on words, "Technology with Porpoise" is our way of letting our clients know we're... a different kind of company.


    Our approach to supporting and managing our clients' IT infrastructure is, quite frankly, personal — a partnership, if you will — a relationship wherein we are fully vested in a clients' success. This alone sets us apart from other IT companies, but there's more!


    Because we've set up our business as a "managed service provider", MSP, our success is NOT dependent upon how much "stuff" we can sell you, but upon providing a dedicated, trustworthy and knowledgeable resource for our clients to turn to when they need help - and answers.


    Taken together, ABC's approach as an IT Solutions provider is a unique and individualized service that is "professional" by nature, but "personal" at heart — a different kind of company.


    We encourage you to contact us with your questions, issues and concerns. Let us introduce you to the "personal service" side of IT management, and the many benefits that our innovative approach can achieve for you, and your company.

    Healthcare Technology Firm - Advertisement Copy


    A Moment of Peace and Quiet


    We now return you to our regularly scheduled...




    If healthcare is anything, it's the most COMPLEX undertaking ever devised by man.


    By its nature, it is a collaborative effort, requiring the skills, knowledge, and expertise from dozens, or even hundreds of different disciplines to succeed.


    THIS is the "complexity" part. The part that can drag down the entire healthcare process — raising costs, limiting services, and stunting coverage.


    At ABC, we're doing our part to help.


    As industry-leaders, ABC understands the need to reduce the complexity of healthcare. Our Enterprise Solutions for Secure Document Delivery, and Document Management far exceed less capable systems from any other source.


    By leveraging legacy FAX technology into a modern, secure, and cost-effective method of document delivery and transfer, we created a new "state-of-the-art". Our FAX Servers and FAXQOMM® Software make possible a single-point solution for your most demanding needs — document security, routing, archiving, retrieving, sharing... and much more.


    THIS is the "peace and quiet" part.


    Let an industry leader show you the way.


    Review our entire suite of Enterprise Solutions at: http://www.abc.com

    Cutlery Sharpening Service - Rack Card Advertising Copy


    Our Goal »» Our Mission

    To provide 1st class MOBILE cutlery sharpening and rental services to the foodservice industry.


    Our Approach »» Our Strategy

    Our services are shaped around, and delivered by listening to what our customers, industry experts and foodservice veterans told us they wanted, and needed from a service company:

    ° dependability; reliability
    ° quick to respond; quick to act
    ° low cost; cost-effective
    ° actual, measurable benefits
    ° convenience; ease of use; no hassle

    Using these essential needs as a framework, we developed our entire service approach. Our solution is geared specifically to meet these needs and the hectic pace of the foodservice industry, providing immediate support with immediate results.


    Route Service »» Details

    Our routes are planned and organized around covering a state/city/area. Accordingly, our services are focused on the potential customers within an area on a 'cold-call, floating rotation' basis, without a specific service date or time commitment.


    However, when a customer elects to become a 'priority stop' or a 'priority rental' customer, we'll service their account at pre-determined intervals of their choosing, regardless of their state/city/area — they decide the level and frequency of service and support they need.

    Service Pricelist »» Details

    Aggressively inexpensive, our sharpening service will get your cutlery back in service within minutes.


    $2 » » straight edge knives, round pizza cutters, kitchen shears, common scissors

    $3 » » serrated edge knives, rocking pizza cutters, food processor blades

    $6 & up » » restore/repair (broken tips, curved heels, bent, chipped/nicked cutting edge, etc.)

    $$ » » please call for off-route / single stop requirements and cost

    Rental & Rent-to-Own Agreements »»

    A budget saving alternative to buying and maintaining your own kitchen cutlery


    ° minimal startup cost
    ° complete freedom to choose the number, style and quality of cutlery you need
    ° free sharpening for the duration of the agreement
    ° sharp-for-dull cutlery swap
    ° a trade-in allowance for used cutlery


    Our rental, and rent-to-own agreements are custom-tailored to match your requirements — unique and individualized — designed specifically for your operation.


    Ask us to quote a rental, or rent-to-own agreement for your operation — an affordable solution to meeting your needs and keeping your budget in line.


    Professional Cutlery & Accessories »»

    We can source a vast array of professional cutlery for foodservice, as well as a number of useful accessories to accommodate your needs --- cutting boards, knife racks, honing steels, knife cases, presentation carving boards --- to name a few,


    If economically sound, all cutlery purchases include a fair-market trade-in allowance at the time of sale.


    Just tell us what you need. We'll be happy to put together a quote with all the details.

    Organization Newsletter - Membership Communications


    A Heartfelt Message to The Members of ABC


    First, we wish to apologize for our lack of communication between the ABC and the membership over the past several months. As they say, "our apple cart got turned over" (more than once), and we've been picking up the pieces ever since.


    Over the last several months our ABC has been forced to cancel, place on hold, or not even attempt to schedule events due to the outbreak our country has been experiencing. The risk of going forward was just too great to ignore — the safety of our members, friends and family outweighed all other considerations. Some of the choices early on were the result of XYZ's mandated shutdown. Other choices and decisions were reached thru discussion, where common sense and concern for all involved outweighed all other considerations.


    Sadly, it had to be done this way, with lots of furrowed brows, shoulder-shrugging and the constant use of, "Well... what do you think we should do?"


    As time passed, the situation seemed to improve. Our ABC and others across the state, were allowed to reopen. It felt like all our tough decisions had been justified and our sacrifices were working as they should — helping ourselves, and those around us stay safe.


    During this downtime a number of things took place at our ABC, in no particular order:


    • the very beautiful white-wood wall sheathing was finished in our Social Area
    • members, and other notables erected isolation barriers between gaming machines
    • the ABC elected new Officers
    • Leadership arranged to have the social area chairs professionally recovered
    • our ABC was honored as a "Premier ABC" for the 6th year in a row
    • the ABC chose their "ABC Member of the Year"
    • Our ABC was "chosen" as a beta-site for new ABC/Membership Management software — which I understand is quite… challenging (the "actual" language that was used is not suitable for publication).


    Our thanks and appreciation to anyone, and everyone who helped, participated, threw-in, or just lent a little "moral support" for the accomplishments mentioned above.


    And… the day-to-day operations have, for the most part, continued without interruption — the bills are being paid, the lights are on, and the coolers all have something in them to keep cool.


    Now… we are once again facing restrictions and limitations that affect not only our ABC, but our entire country, as the pandemic is worsening — just about everywhere.


    But… let us be perfectly clear:


    We… Our section of the State… Our stomping grounds, if you will, have been extraordinarily fortunate in that we have not seen a major spike in the number, or severity of cases — yet — and it may not happen. At this time, our ABC is currently following the recommendations from XYZ to adhere to and follow guidance from our local health department(s). This places the responsibility for safety on the shoulders of our Leadership, concerning day-to-day operations of our ABC.


    Once again, for clarity:


    It is up to US to keep each other safe. It is up to YOU to practice "personal responsibility" for your safety, and those around you.


    Our Social Areas are open, and ready to welcome you. We want our members to participate, enjoy, and frequent our (YOUR) ABC — without our members, THERE IS NO ABC. And, lastly (and most importantly), we want ALL of these things for our members, guests and friends with an overwhelming measure of safety at the TOP of the list.


    The Holiday Season is just around the corner and will challenge every tradition and social norm we've ever followed. Will we have to make sacrifices? Will we have to make tough-love decisions about how we celebrate? Will we "lose out", if we "miss out?"


    These are the choices we face. Each of you will decide for yourself. Personally… I'd rather skip a get-together with my youngest daughters' family, knowing that we'll ALL be around for the "next" get-together. But, like I said, that's my personal take on things.


    Your ABC Leadership Team wishes each and every one of you the Happiest possible (safe) Thanksgiving. We look forward to (safely) serving you and enjoying your company in our Social Areas. We humbly ask for any suggestions you might have regarding ABC operations, safety recommendations, or other thoughts you might have.


    No promises, but our fervent wish to is to stay in communications with our Membership. Currently, there is no set schedule for ABC Newsletters, and barring unforeseen events, we hope to (from time to time) reach out and catch you up on what is happening.


    May You Fare Well This Holiday Season


    ABC, Leadership Team

    Start-up Venture - Business Plan & Funding Proposal


    Conceptual Business Plan and Funding Proposal

    This business plan is conceptual in nature and requires my business model be placed in perspective to aid in comprehension. Without this basic point of entry, any summary, proposal, or request, would be difficult to grasp, understand, or end with any meaningful insight.

    Business Model - A Perspective

    My business model is best formalized as "intellectual property" — ideas that can potentially be monetized. This point of view — this perspective — is not easily understood by everyone. To place this in context: you can't purchase a "thought", you can't sell a "vision", and you can't buy or sell "insight".

    Most people would agree with this statement, but it is utterly false.

    People everywhere, every day, buy and sell the "physical results" brought about by "thoughts, visions, and insights". In fact, we depend on these things — we need these things — even if we don't recognize we need them. The potential...the sheer power and value of such things exists — because you CAN create financial benefit from the "physical results" that are spawned from these.


    This is the essential concept that must be acknowledged — ideas hold more potential than perhaps any "physical" thing you can name. My business model, and plan, is based entirely on this perspective and this belief — ideas, thoughts, visions and insights are the bedrock, and cornerstone of every useful product ever created.

    And as such, they are a salable product.

    Summary - An Abstract

    First, this is what I do. This is my product. This is what I'm selling.

    I can create things that don't "quite" exist yet — and some that don't exist at all. I can "see" things that others overlook, ignore, or have forgotten — and how to apply them to new ends. I often find new ways to improve, join together, or re-task objects and things that aren't necessarily part of the same puzzle — or from the same playing field. Essentially, I can make things better; more useful; more valuable.


    Secondly, the ability to create "intellectual property" that can then be brought into the physical world is not easily measured or quantified, but I can do exactly that, and if certain conditions are met, I can offer evidence of this claim. This is the abstraction of what I can do — vision — adapted, applied, and appended to meet, improve, and exceed real-world, physical needs, demands, and expectations.

    Background — The Catalyst

    My background is best described as a lifetime of work. Over many years I have been a part of, and exposed to, a variety of experiences, occupations, crafts and trades. With each and every job I performed it was necessary to acquire a basic understanding and skill set, so as to become productive at the task. A very "ordinary" process — many people go through this in order to hold or advance at their job.

    The defining difference, in my case, is something that has followed me since childhood to the present day — curiosity — an indescribable need to know and understand. With each successive job, I would often deeply research and study the many facets and details of what I was involved in — something most would never have any interest in. Quite often, what I studied was far above my pay grade, or what was needed to perform my job. To me, this was "fun and interesting", and not like work at all — almost a hobby, of sorts. I was completely unaware of what was happening within my subconscious mind until unexpected thoughts and ideas began to bubble to the surface. At first, I thought this was something that happened to everyone, and paid little attention to what I was "seeing" in my mind.

    These "flashes of insight" became more frequent and would occur at random, often when I was facing a problem or obstacle at whatever job I was doing at the time and present itself as a possible solution.

    After this had occurred many times, and after reaching out to some who were higher up the "food-chain", meaning better educated, more experienced, etc., about what was happening, it became very apparent that this was a "skill, or aptitude" that few people possessed, and was in fact, quite rare. The realization? My "hobby" had created within me a "depth and breadth" of know-how and insight and was manifesting itself into my conscious mind — something I now fully recognize for what it is.

    Armed with this awareness, I began paying strict attention to these "flashes" when they occurred, and began the process of "inducing, or sparking" this ability to manifest itself — not nearly as outlandish or difficult as it may sound. A brief example: Many weeks ago I was researching a peculiar kind of motor. Out of the blue, I recalled a comment I overheard about a problem at a coal mine — they weren't talking to me — I just heard them say it. In an instant, a thought entered my mind — associating the research I had done, with the problem that existed. Could this be a possible "solution"? Could it: be scaled up, be durable, be dependable, be more efficient, be more reliable, be faster, be cheaper, etc., etc.? This is now an idea that is on a back-burner, like so many others, awaiting a thorough "vetting", and proof of concept. If this "idea" were to shake-out as viable, it is easily worth a million dollars or more — every underground mine on the planet faces this issue — a first-rate solution would save operators hundreds of millions, something I'm certain they would embrace with open arms.

    My ability to visualize, associate and imagine is the catalyst — uniting a broad base of knowledge with a lifetime of experience — this is my background, and now, my future.

    Future Customers - A Broad Canvas

    Businesses make and "sell" things to people who need and "buy" things — a common maxim in the business world. But what happens when a customers' needs are not entirely, or completely met? What happens when customers do not, or cannot, express their needs fully (or don't even realize what they need could be better, easier to use, or less expensive)? What happens when businesses don't "step-up" to meet these needs? The "prize" goes partially unclaimed, and an opportunity is missed.

    My future customers are end-users and other businesses. My "product" is the unseen, the unrealized, and the unanswered... (insert word of choice here: problem, issue, drawback, bottleneck, limitation, flaw, failing, shortcoming, etc., etc., etc.) My future customers, from whatever walk-of-life, from whatever industry, and from whatever endeavor they pursue, want answers — even if they don't know the question. The age-old saying, "Can't see the forest for the trees.", will net me customers from every quarter, and every pursuit. Why am I so sure? Because so many fall victim to this general truth — they become too "close" to their work. They become "comfortable" with the way things are. And, though they may be experts in their field, they lack the capacity to "see" beyond what's in front of them. My job...my "product", can open their eyes, widen their gaze, and create profit from these revelations — for myself, and my future customers. These customers will gladly share the "prize unclaimed", because the future value of such "insight" far exceeds what they might lose should they choose to ignore it.

    The Path Forward — Next Steps

    Invariably, once an idea is conceived it must be investigated and explored — there can be no exception to this requirement. This could be as simple as in-depth research and introspection, or as involved as consulting and collaborating with various experts or customers with a stake, or interest in the subject at hand. Concepts must be proven; principles of operation must be verified; assumptions must be confirmed. In some cases, a prototype or, "one-off' must be built. In all cases, costs must be determined — cost of material, cost of labor, cost to build, cost to manufacture, etc., etc.

    Intellectual property is a unique commodity, in that it can sometimes be "protected and licensed" to others, transferring the bulk of the work to someone else — but the "proof-of-concept" falls squarely on the shoulders of the originator.

    I have a substantial body of concepts and ideas awaiting my attention, but among them are 2 or 3 that I choose to call "bright stars" — these are close to fruition, requiring only small amounts of working capital and minimal expenditures of time and effort to become marketable and/or licensable products.

    To take the "next step", my requirements are minimal — practical, necessary, and justifiable.

    Funding Requirements — A Proposal

    1. Locate and acquire a suitable work facility. Preferably, this includes living quarters as well. This arrangement would eliminate the cost of supporting and maintaining separate dwellings and allow me to remain "on-site" and devote any off-hours or spare time into project advancement and development.

    Estimated (as of this writing): $35,000.00

    2. Working capital for the purchase of raw materials, construction of work stations/tables, any
    additional infrastructure needs for the workshop, office and printing/reproduction equipment supplies, any costs associated with business startup, including legal fees involved with licensing, registering and protecting intellectual properties, and the cost of any additional utilities incurred by the business.

    Estimated: $15,000.00

    3. Equitable and reasonable terms to initiate and repay the loan.


    Estimated (optimistically): 10-year term, payable monthly, @ < 3% interest rate, and no penalty incurred for early payoff.


    And, if conditions of the loan are met and adhered to, the "originator" will not sell, assign or transfer the loan to any other party or entity throughout its term, unless agreed to by the assignee.


    Closing Comments — Putting It Together

    This document represents a summary of my business plan, a proposal, and funding request. Within, I have attempted to establish a rationale — a line of reasoning — "why" it will succeed, "how" it will be achieved, and "what" is needed to accomplish and realize a positive and fruitful outcome.

    My aptitude — may abilities — are best characterized as simply "potential". The true value of which can only be measured in one way — a real world, tangible expression, or to put it bluntly, something that can be sold for profit.

    The resources that are required to turn "potential" into "value" are minimal, but a very real obstacle to realizing this goal.

    I formally request funding be granted to pursue this effort.

    Membership Engagement - Inspirational Short Story




    One early evening, a number of weeks ago, I asked a fellow patron enjoying our social quarters, "Where did the mounted moose hanging over their come from?"


    My fellow imbiber looked me in the eye and said nothing. They then looked to their right... and left, at those seated nearby. Again, no response from anyone, but a fair number of raised eyebrows and quizzical looks.


    Suddenly, Jo Ellen, a very gracious lady looks right at me and, without saying a word, displays the most 'Oh, this will be fun!' mischievous smile. She then holds up her finger to signify, 'hang on a second', and off she goes.


    Piquing my interest, I finished my cocktail and ordered another to await her return. The other patrons at the bar went back to their pleasant chit-chat while I tried, unsuccessfully, to remain composed. I really wanted to know. Really.


    As I was about to chalk it up as a lost cause, I see Jo heading my way. When she steps up to me she says, "So... you really want to know? Well... "




    A few more moments. In just that amount of time the goal would be accomplished; the task completed. The many hours of study and training would be justified. The weekends and evenings that had been sacrificed in pursuit of this project would come to fruition.


    From the parapet of tangled foliage where Tim and Becki had taken up their position, they could see the subtle shaking movement of branches in the gently sloping valley, down and away from them. A sure sign the small herd was within, and feeding. They had chosen this location because their hunting guides had told them this was one of the few places where a big bull moose had been known to frequent; an elusive and unpredictable animal they believed was one for the record books.


    As Tim raised the scoped rifle to get a better look, he heard Becki say in a hushed voice, "103 yards to the trees, and moving away." as she peered through her spotters scope. Tim scanned the area where the low canopy was showing movement, and even though the coverage was light, he couldn't make out a single animal beneath it.


    To help quiet his frustration, Tim recalled the many training sessions he and Becki had received, and the work they had both put in to get to this point. After proclaiming he would take on this rather daunting task, came the rather sudden realization that he lacked certain skills to get it done. But, as they say, he had 'an ace up his sleeve' in his friend, Richard.


    A master huntsman who had taken game on many continents, Richard was enthusiastic when Tim had asked for his help. Drawing on his great depth of experience, Richard calmly and methodically dissipated the cloud of unanswered questions surrounding the challenge that lie ahead. He arranged for training, researched the most favorable hunting locations, and outfitted them with equipment and supplies. But, the crown jewel of his efforts was hiring Rick and Sandra, the highly sought-after, world-class hunting guides on behalf of Tim and Becki.


    With a dozen guided "record book" hunts to their credit, Rick and Sandra were "un-bookable" from season opening-to-closing, sometimes years in advance — a stunning testament to their abilities. Tim cracked a wry smile as he speculated what sort of voodoo magic Richard had used to get them to "find 3 days" in their booked-up schedule for him and Becki. All that really mattered was that they were here, the guides were here, and this was the 3rd and final day of their engagement.


    Almost simultaneously Tims' ear-piece came to life, as Becki nudged him to break his reverie. "He's here." said Sandra, quickly followed by, "Yep." from Rick. Tim knew full well what they meant. He was going to get a chance to take a possible "record book" bull on the final day of his hunt — "Big Ben", they'd called him.


    Tim glanced at Becki, dutifully involved with her spotters scope, "There. At the edge of the trees, about 2 o'clock, and... about 120 yards out. See him?" Tim shouldered his rifle and focused his attention on the area Becki was talking about, and there, in all his glory was "Big Ben", trailing behind his small herd, haphazardly making their way down the gentle slope. "Magnificent." Tim thought silently.


    The animals were meandering in and out of the sparse cover, where the trees gave way to brushy open areas, and were angling away from where Tim would take his shot — not good, but not impossible. "131 yards out", Becki murmured, as Tim was preparing to take his shot. Suddenly, Big Ben turned quickly back towards their location, and trotted beneath the low cover — no small feat for an animal his size.


    Still looking through his scope, Tim tensed and froze on the area where the bull had re-entered cover. He could see the higher branches of many of the trees shaking and moving, almost randomly, but definitely in a pattern back towards his location. What seemed like 10 minutes passed in 3 seconds and Rick lights up Tims' earpiece, "We got company."


    As if on cue, a younger bull moose emerged from the low canopy into a small clearing faced with scrubby growth and viny entanglements, but open enough for Tim to see him clearly. Plainly agitated and breathing hard, his nostrils spewing steamy breath, he turned in the direction the herd had taken. Then, with stunning quickness, the young bull spun violently around 180°, as "Big Ben" exploded into the clearing behind him; his head and massive rack low to the ground — ramming position.


    "He's challenging for the herd.", Tim heard Sandra say into his ear-piece with amazement in her voice.


    Paralyzed and astonished by what he was seeing and hearing, Tim watched through his scope as the two bulls engaged in a dance for domination — snorting, maneuvering; their giant racks lowered for battle. Not a word was uttered between the parties involved as they bore silent witness to this epic, and seldom seen, wild conflict.


    As the seconds ticked by, Tim once more found his commitment to the task he had undertaken, as the two bulls had presented various perfect side shots that could have been taken — if only he... Like the sun breaking thru a murky sky, Tims' focus returned instantly. "Becki.....Becki." Tim said with softly spoken urgency. "Oh, umm, just 1 sec... I read... 118 out. But... they... keep... moving... around." she replied. A shot at a recordbook bull at 118, Tim thought to himself; that's nothing, as he had become proficient out to 250 yards in training.


    Tim re-shouldered his rifle and settled his crosshairs, as best he could, on "Ben". The two animals were still shuffling around one another; faking a charge, pawing the ground, bellowing. Every so often they would each pause, to consider their next move — one of these "moments" would be when Tim could get his shot.


    "Wait...Wait..." Tim told himself. The two mammoth beasts were moving; not just around and around, but away from his location, as the younger bull moved ever so subtly in the direction Bens' herd had scattered. Their bashing about had pushed them at least 30 yards further away, Tim speculated. As if she were reading his mind, Becki said quietly, "148 yards out... and moving away." Richards meticulous training kicked in and Tim adjusted his scope for the new distance — but they were still moving away. The younger bull was a real slick operator; with every face-to-face challenge from Ben, he would maneuver out-and-around — toward the path of Bens' herd.


    The pair had been waging their private war for 6 or 8 minutes now, and Tim had watched as the younger of the two had used the patches of small trees and bushy undergrowth as a shield, of sorts; locating himself so that these natural obstacles were between him and Ben — brilliant strategy. But they had pushed out to the edge of a much larger clearing where the gentle slope had prevented the growth of larger foliage and was predominantly ragged grass.


    "208 yards to the edge of the clearing", Becki said quietly. This was it — Tim thought — his chance at a shot. Tim could see Ben had positioned himself on slightly higher ground up the slope — between the path his herd had taken and the young challenger. Undaunted by his enemies' maneuverings, Ben perched, looking down toward where he had exited the stubby undergrowth — a picture perfect target.


    Tim settled his sights and exhaled slowly, just as Richard had taught him — and fired. The thunderclap of noise split through the silence of the early morning, and echoed slightly through the low slopping valley. Then, like a blanket covering the world, complete silence returned.


    Ears ringing slightly, Tim put his scope back on the scene where "Big Ben" had been standing, only to witness the hind-end of his trophy disappear up the edge of the slope and into cover.


    Completely stunned - speechless. Shocked beyond imagination, Tim sat stock-still looking at the scene through his scope. The thought of failure - despair - began to well-up when his earpiece sounds off, "You got him. Never seen anything like that — ever." he heard Rick say. Tim was about to fire-back that he didn't "get" anything, when Sandra chimes in with, "That young bull charged forward a tenth of a second after you fired. Unbelievable."


    What were they TALKING ABOUT? Tim thought to himself, as he dropped his scope onto the scene once more. "They're right, Tim. Your shot dropped the younger one. Look slightly downslope from where Ben was standing. See his rack in the grass?" said Becki.


    "Well, I'll be...", was the only thing Tim could say — there he was — his rack protruding above the unruly grass. "Well, I'll be...", Tim said again.


    The four members of the hunting troop walked out to the sight to claim the prize they had earned; unwittingly. As Tim and Becki made their way over the uneven terrain out to the location, Tim didn't speak a word; his thoughts were his own. Disappointed he'd missed his chance at a spot in the record-books. A little upset with himself, considering all the time and effort he and Becki had put in; to come away with less - to have come so close...


    As they reached the motionless game lying in the grass, Tim felt awed — the young bulls' rack was impressive. "Man, for 2nd place you did great! I thought you had him, but the wild has a way of its' own and tricks up her sleeve." said Rick. "For a first-timer at big game hunting you played it like an old pro, Tim." Sandra said. Tim looked over at Becki, who was smiling ear-to-ear, and back at his trophy — OK, Tim thought to himself — OK.


    3 months later Tims' prize had been mounted, cleared customs and was hanging proudly in the social quarters of his Lodge; a true standard-bearer for all to rally around. But, the real legacy that will outlast even the finest trophy is the story of how two members, without experience, but bound by belief, could accomplish such a monumental task. How they courageously, and boldly set a goal, and succeeded, when the tide was against them. And, how they represent what being a member of this fine organization really means.




    "....are you listening to me?" Jo said, smiling like she just swallowed the canary. "Oh, I could give you a BS story about some fantastic big game hunt, but they bought the thing at an auction of a Lodge that was shutting down." she continued.


    "Yes. Yes." I say to her, but the only thing that registers is "fantastic big game hunt". In an instant, those words overwhelm my imagination; only to emerge some time later as the story you just read. "I heard every word you said, thank you." I say.


    My wish is that you enjoy this fictional story, but take from it real meaning: a small team of dedicated and experienced folks can, with courage and willpower, accomplish almost anything.


    Can you imagine anything more powerful than a Lodge full of people like that?

    Restaurant Business Proposal - Detailed Plans & Expectations


    (revised as of May 19, 2012)


    My intention is to open and operate the Kitchen and Dining Room Facilities of the Club, set apart by agreement, as an "independently owned and operated sole-proprietorship".




    1) Operating in Compliance with Existing Insurance Limitations & Fire Code


    The Club does NOT have an "up-to-code" Exhaust Hood & Chemical Fire Suppression System installed ― this makes the Club unsuited for a commercial Foodservice operation in the "normal" sense. The definition of "normal" would include the use of:


    Baking Ovens
    Deep-fat Fryers
    Broilers and/or Grills
    and... any other "open, or exposed flame-type equipment"


    My Proposal avoids these limitations by:


    - preparing hot food "off-site", then using electric serving equipment to hold, and serve food to customers
    - the usage of crockpot and table-top roasters, or similar type equipment, to hold and serve food to customers
    - the usage of microwave ovens
    - the usage of Bar Pizza Ovens (the frozen pizza ovens that are still in use today)
    - the usage of ordinary bread "toasters"


    In addition, I will obtain (in advance, and at my expense) casualty and liability insurance for my operation and will include the Club as a "co-insured" within the policy.


    2) Kitchen & Dining Room Lease And / Or Rental Agreement


    As a minimum, I propose the Lease/Rental agreement be for the period of (1) year, beginning upon acceptance of this Proposal by the Club, and renewable in (1) year increments upon this date as the Club deems appropriate.


    Lease/Rental Payment:


    - months 1 thru 3 ―― $100.00 per week -- payable on the last day of the month. (this figure is tentative)


    - month 4 thru the lease term ――― $130.00 per week -- payable on the last day of the month. (this figure is tentative)


    In addition:


    - months 1 thru 3 ――― The Club will receive 1.3% of "after tax gross sales receipts" -- payable no later than (14) days following the last day of the Month ended. (this figure is tentative)


    - month 4 thru the lease term ――― 1.8% of "after tax gross sales receipts" -- payable no later than (14) days following the last day of the Month ended. (this figure is tentative)


    ― an appeal in the pursuit of success


    I would ask the Club to "consider" waiving the weekly rental for the first 30 days of operation.


    I ask for this "concession" due largely to a limited amount of working capital during our startup period.


    3) Hours of Operation and Lodge Off-Hours


    Consistent and predictable days and hours of operation are essential to the "success" of any venture. Regardless of the Clubs' current hours of operation, we would be open for business as stated below:


    Tuesday thru Saturday - 10:30 am to 8:30 pm -- opening for lunch at 10:30 - 2:00 pm and reopening for Dinner at 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm.


    I would require "key" access to the kitchen and dining room from "approximately" 8:30 am to 10:30 pm. The "extra" hours are completely dependent upon delivery schedules, sales volume, required food preparation time and cleanup/maintenance.


    4) Use and Access to the Kitchen and Dining Room


    Currently, the Club has total access to the kitchen and dining room facilities and equipment/supplies within.


    My requirements for these "resources" are indicated below:


    - access to the icemaker

    - access and usage of limited refrigeration and freezer space

    (I do not anticipate "extensive" use of either, as most items will be kept "off-site". But, day-to-day operations will require access to both, as needs arise.)

    - access to a secure area to store "sundries, paper goods and the like"


    The access to these "resources" would, by necessity, have to be "managed and/or supervised", in some respect to prevent:


    - co-mingling (and possible cross-contamination) of foodstuffs
    - misuse or misappropriation of foodstuffs/consumables
    - abuse or disregard for another's' property
    - vandalism, pilfering, thievery and "borrowing"


    ― accommodation and compromise


    The Club has "needs" specific to its existence --- a business has "needs" specific to its purpose.


    To co-exist and meet "both needs" requires compromise:


    Club requirements for these resources will ALWAYS be accommodated "within the limits of common-sense".


    Whenever the Club has need of these resources (such as Meeting nights), I would ask for "notification" (as much in advance as possible), and I, or a member from the Club should be present to "over-see" their usage --- therein becoming a "responsible party" for any incidentals.


    Notification is required so we can inform Customers we are "closed" for a Club Meeting, Event, or Benefit. An over-seer is required to ensure no improprieties occur, and to take responsibility for such, including any cost(s) and/or losses that may arise.


    5) Existing Equipment Maintenance, Upkeep & Repair


    The Club will assume the cost of maintenance and repair (if necessary) of the kitchen and dining room facilities, except as noted below:


    - upon 3 months of non-stop operation, I shall assume 10% of any repair that may be required to remain in operation from that point on, up to the end of the existing lease/rental agreement and continuing in like fashion upon any lease/rental renewal.


    It shall be "my" responsibility to:


    - never sell, provide or "give-away" alcoholic beverages in the course of doing business
    - never bring alcoholic beverages of any kind into, or on the premises
    - not abuse, deface, or willfully damage the Club property, kitchen/dining facilities
    - maintain the cleanliness and healthfulness of the equipment and facilities
    - determine if and/or where problems exist, and inform the Club immediately
    - take full responsibility for the actions of individuals employed by me, if any


    6) Appointing a Designee from the Lodge


    I ask that the Club (upon acceptance of this Proposal) elect one Member who will act as a "go-between, or Designee" ― from the Club, to me, and vice-versa. Members will bring their "individual and/or personal" concerns to this Member, who will then convey them to me. I will do the same in reverse, bringing any "issues or concerns" to the Designee, who will then present these to the Club.


    ― simplifying communications


    Focusing the "many voices and opinions" of the Membership through ONE PERSON will allow for a more "condensed and concise" communication process -- cutting thru the "red-tape", so to speak. It will help prevent the "same, or similar concern" from being brought up over-and-over by people unaware the concern has been noted and/or addressed.


    7) Personal Property and Equipment


    It may be necessary or advantageous for me to "acquire" kitchen equipment that is not provided by the Club. If this occurs or becomes necessary, I will inform the Designee of the type and purpose of said property, and will "mark or tag" said property in a conspicuous fashion so as to set it apart from Club property.


    8) Signage / Advertising


    I would like to be permitted to hang "signage" on the exterior of the building, as well as a (possible) sign that would be visible from the street. If granted this request, I would make a formal proposal to the Club on the nature and scope of said "signage" for final approval.


    9) Final Notes and Thoughts


    My unwavering belief is that any "success" on my part will translate seamlessly into a fruitful outcome for the Club. By giving Members a "new" reason to visit the Club, your organization stands to re-inspire a lackluster membership, raise overall membership, increase beverage sales across the board, and raise public awareness for Club events, benefits and fund-raisers. And, by granting access to the general public via the Restaurant, you stand to bring attention to your Club, its mission and its overall charitable goals.


    This concludes my proposal. Thank you for your time and attention.


    Feel free to comment on anything

    you see or read. I place great value in the opinion of others - good, or bad.

    --- --- ---

    If you could use, or benefit from my services, don't hesitate to contact me --- always ready, willing and able.